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WritableCell jxl::write::WritableSheet::getWritableCell ( int  column,
int  row 

Gets the writable cell from this sheet. Use of this method allows the returned cell to be modified by the users application

column the column
row the row
the cell at the specified position

Implemented in jxl::write::biff::WritableSheetImpl.

Referenced by jxl::write::biff::WritableWorkbookImpl::findCellByName(), jxl::write::biff::WritableWorkbookImpl::getWritableCell(), jxl::demo::ReadWrite::modify(), jxl::write::biff::HyperlinkRecord::setFile(), jxl::write::biff::HyperlinkRecord::setLocation(), and jxl::write::biff::HyperlinkRecord::setURL().

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