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jxl::write::biff::StyleXFRecord Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for jxl::write::biff::StyleXFRecord:

jxl::biff::XFRecord jxl::biff::WritableRecordData jxl::format::CellFormat jxl::biff::RecordData jxl::biff::ByteData

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Detailed Description

A style XF Record

Definition at line 29 of file StyleXFRecord.java.

Public Member Functions

boolean equals (Object o)
Alignment getAlignment ()
Colour getBackgroundColour ()
BorderLineStyle getBorder (Border border)
Colour getBorderColour (Border border)
BorderLineStyle getBorderLine (Border border)
final byte[] getBytes ()
byte[] getData ()
DateFormat getDateFormat ()
Font getFont ()
int getFontIndex ()
Format getFormat ()
int getFormatRecord ()
int getIndentation ()
NumberFormat getNumberFormat ()
Orientation getOrientation ()
Pattern getPattern ()
VerticalAlignment getVerticalAlignment ()
boolean getWrap ()
final int getXFIndex ()
final boolean hasBorders ()
int hashCode ()
final void initialize (int pos, FormattingRecords fr, Fonts fonts) throws NumFormatRecordsException
boolean isDate ()
final boolean isInitialized ()
boolean isLocked ()
boolean isNumber ()
final boolean isRead ()
boolean isShrinkToFit ()
final void setCellOptions (int opt)
void setFont (FontRecord f)
void setLocked (boolean l)
 StyleXFRecord (FontRecord fnt, DisplayFormat form)
final void uninitialize ()

Public Attributes

int formatIndex

Static Public Attributes

static final BiffType biff7 = new BiffType()
static final BiffType biff8 = new BiffType()

Protected Member Functions

final int getCode ()
final boolean getHidden ()
final boolean getLocked ()
Record getRecord ()
void setXFAlignment (Alignment a)
void setXFBackground (Colour c, Pattern p)
void setXFBorder (Border b, BorderLineStyle ls, Colour c)
final void setXFCellOptions (int opt)
void setXFDetails (XFType t, int pf)
void setXFIndentation (int i)
final void setXFLocked (boolean l)
void setXFOrientation (Orientation o)
void setXFShrinkToFit (boolean s)
void setXFVerticalAlignment (VerticalAlignment va)
void setXFWrap (boolean w)

Static Protected Attributes

static final XFType cell = new XFType()
static final int maxRecordLength = 8228
static final XFType style = new XFType()

Package Functions

void rationalize (IndexMapping xfMapping)
void setFontIndex (int newindex)
void setFormatIndex (int newindex)
final void setXFIndex (int xfi)

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