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jxl::write::DateTime Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for jxl::write::DateTime:

jxl::write::biff::DateRecord jxl::write::WritableCell jxl::DateCell jxl::write::biff::CellValue jxl::Cell jxl::Cell jxl::biff::WritableRecordData jxl::write::WritableCell jxl::biff::RecordData jxl::biff::ByteData jxl::Cell

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Detailed Description

A Date which may be created on the fly by a user application and added to a spreadsheet

NOTE: By default, all dates will have local timezone information added to their UTC value. If this is not desired (eg. if the date entered represents an interval eg. 9.83s for the 100m world record, then use the overloaded constructor which indicate that the date passed in was created under the GMT timezone. It is important that when the date was created, an instruction like Calendar.setTimeZone(TimeZone.getTimeZone("GMT")) was made prior to that

Definition at line 41 of file DateTime.java.

Public Member Functions

final void addCellFeatures ()
WritableCell copyTo (int col, int row)
 DateTime (DateCell dc)
 DateTime (int c, int r, Date d, CellFormat st, boolean tim)
 DateTime (int c, int r, Date d, CellFormat st, GMTDate a)
 DateTime (int c, int r, Date d, CellFormat st)
 DateTime (int c, int r, Date d, GMTDate a)
 DateTime (int c, int r, Date d)
final byte[] getBytes ()
CellFeatures getCellFeatures ()
CellFormat getCellFormat ()
int getColumn ()
String getContents ()
byte[] getData ()
Date getDate ()
Date getDate ()
DateFormat getDateFormat ()
DateFormat getDateFormat ()
int getRow ()
CellType getType ()
WritableCellFeatures getWritableCellFeatures ()
boolean isHidden ()
boolean isTime ()
boolean isTime ()
final void removeCellFeatures ()
final void removeComment (Comment c)
final void removeDataValidation ()
void setCellFeatures (WritableCellFeatures cf)
void setCellFormat (CellFormat cf)
void setDate (Date d, GMTDate a)
void setDate (Date d)

Static Public Attributes

static final GMTDate GMT = new GMTDate()

Protected Member Functions

 DateTime (int col, int row, DateTime dt)
final int getCode ()
Record getRecord ()
WritableSheetImpl getSheet ()

Static Protected Attributes

static final int maxRecordLength = 8228

Package Functions

void columnInserted (Sheet s, int sheetIndex, int col)
void columnRemoved (Sheet s, int sheetIndex, int col)
void decrementColumn ()
void decrementRow ()
final int getXFIndex ()
void incrementColumn ()
void incrementRow ()
final boolean isReferenced ()
void rowInserted (Sheet s, int sheetIndex, int row)
void rowRemoved (Sheet s, int sheetIndex, int row)
void setCellDetails (FormattingRecords fr, SharedStrings ss, WritableSheetImpl s)
final void setCopied (boolean c)

Static Package Attributes

static final WritableCellFormat defaultDateFormat

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