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jxl::write::DateFormat Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for jxl::write::DateFormat:

jxl::write::biff::DateFormatRecord jxl::biff::DisplayFormat jxl::biff::FormatRecord jxl::biff::WritableRecordData jxl::biff::DisplayFormat jxl::format::Format jxl::biff::RecordData jxl::biff::ByteData

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Detailed Description

A custom user defined number format which may be instantiated within user applications in order to present date and time values in the appropriate format. The string format used to create a DateFormat adheres to the standard java specification, and JExcelApi makes the necessary modifications so that it is rendered as its nearest equivalent in Excel. Once created, this may be used within a CellFormat object, which in turn is a parameter passed to the constructor of the DateTime cell

Definition at line 37 of file DateFormat.java.

Public Member Functions

 DateFormat (String format)
boolean equals (Object o)
final byte[] getBytes ()
byte[] getData ()
final DateFormat getDateFormat ()
int getFormatIndex ()
String getFormatString ()
int getIndexCode ()
final NumberFormat getNumberFormat ()
int hashCode ()
void initialize (int pos)
boolean isBuiltIn ()
final boolean isDate ()
boolean isInitialized ()
final boolean isNumber ()

Static Public Attributes

static final BiffType biff7 = new BiffType()
static final BiffType biff8 = new BiffType()
static Logger logger = Logger.getLogger(FormatRecord.class)

Protected Member Functions

final int getCode ()
Record getRecord ()
final String replace (String input, String search, String replace)
final void setFormatString (String s)

Static Protected Attributes

static final int maxRecordLength = 8228

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