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jxl::format::Colour Class Reference

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Detailed Description

Enumeration class which contains the various colours available within the standard Excel colour palette

Definition at line 27 of file Colour.java.

Public Member Functions

int getDefaultBlue ()
int getDefaultGreen ()
int getDefaultRed ()
RGB getDefaultRGB ()
String getDescription ()
int getValue ()

Static Public Member Functions

static Colour[] getAllColours ()
static Colour getInternalColour (int val)

Static Public Attributes

static final Colour AQUA = new Colour(0x31, "aqua",0x33,0xcc,0xcc)
static final Colour AUTOMATIC = new Colour(0x40, "automatic", 0xff, 0xff, 0xff)
static final Colour BLACK
static final Colour BLUE = new Colour(0xc, "blue",0,0,0xff)
static final Colour BLUE2 = new Colour(0x27, "blue",0x0,0x0,0xff)
static final Colour BLUE_GREY = new Colour(0x36, "blue grey",0x66,0x66,0xcc)
static final Colour BRIGHT_GREEN = new Colour(0xb, "bright green",0,0xff,0)
static final Colour BROWN = new Colour(0x3c, "brown",0x99,0x33,0)
static final Colour CORAL = new Colour(0x1d, "coral",0xff, 0x80, 0x80)
static final Colour DARK_BLUE = new Colour(0x12, "dark blue",0,0,0x80)
static final Colour DARK_BLUE2 = new Colour(0x20, "dark blue",0,0,0x80)
static final Colour DARK_GREEN = new Colour(0x3a, "dark green",0,0x33,0)
static final Colour DARK_PURPLE = new Colour(0x1c, "dark purple",0x66, 0x0, 0x66)
static final Colour DARK_RED = new Colour(0x10, "dark red",0x80,0,0)
static final Colour DARK_RED2 = new Colour(0x25, "dark red",0x80,0x0,0x0)
static final Colour DARK_TEAL = new Colour(0x38, "dark teal",0,0x33,0x66)
static final Colour DARK_YELLOW = new Colour(0x13, "dark yellow",0x80,0x80,0)
static final Colour DEFAULT_BACKGROUND = new Colour(0xc0, "default background", 0xff, 0xff, 0xff)
static final Colour DEFAULT_BACKGROUND1 = new Colour(0x0, "default background", 0xff, 0xff, 0xff)
static final Colour GOLD = new Colour(0x33, "gold",0xff,0xcc,0)
static final Colour GRAY_25 = GREY_25_PERCENT
static final Colour GRAY_50 = GREY_50_PERCENT
static final Colour GRAY_80 = GREY_80_PERCENT
static final Colour GREEN = new Colour(0x11, "green",0,0x80,0)
static final Colour GREY_25_PERCENT = new Colour(0x16 ,"grey 25%",0xc0,0xc0,0xc0)
static final Colour GREY_40_PERCENT = new Colour(0x37, "grey 40%",0x96,0x96,0x96)
static final Colour GREY_50_PERCENT = new Colour(0x17, "grey 50%",0x80,0x80,0x80)
static final Colour GREY_80_PERCENT = new Colour(0x3f, "grey 80%",0x33,0x33,0x33)
static final Colour ICE_BLUE = new Colour(0x1f, "ice blue",0xcc, 0xcc, 0xff)
static final Colour INDIGO = new Colour(0x3e, "indigo",0x33,0x33,0x99)
static final Colour IVORY = new Colour(0x1a, "ivory",0xff, 0xff, 0xcc)
static final Colour LAVENDER = new Colour(0x2e, "lavender",0xcc,0x99,0xff)
static final Colour LIGHT_BLUE = new Colour(0x30, "light blue", 0x33, 0x66, 0xff)
static final Colour LIGHT_GREEN = new Colour(0x2a, "light green",0xcc,0xff,0xcc)
static final Colour LIGHT_ORANGE = new Colour(0x34, "light orange",0xff,0x99,0)
static final Colour LIGHT_TURQUOISE = new Colour(0x29, "light turquoise",0xcc,0xff,0xff)
static final Colour LIGHT_TURQUOISE2 = new Colour(0x1b, "light turquoise",0xcc, 0xff, 0xff)
static final Colour LIME = new Colour(0x32, "lime",0x99,0xcc,0)
static final Colour OCEAN_BLUE = new Colour(0x1e, "ocean blue",0x0, 0x66, 0xcc)
static final Colour OLIVE_GREEN = new Colour(0x3b, "olive green",0x33,0x33,0)
static final Colour ORANGE = new Colour(0x35, "orange",0xff,0x66,0)
static final Colour PALE_BLUE = new Colour(0x2c, "pale blue",0x99,0xcc,0xff)
static final Colour PALETTE_BLACK
static final Colour PERIWINKLE = new Colour(0x18, "periwinkle%",0x99, 0x99, 0xff)
static final Colour PINK = new Colour(0xe, "pink",0xff,0,0xff)
static final Colour PINK2 = new Colour(0x21, "pink",0xff,0,0xff)
static final Colour PLUM = new Colour(0x3d, "plum",0x99,0x33,0x66)
static final Colour PLUM2 = new Colour(0x19, "plum",0x99, 0x33, 0x66)
static final Colour RED = new Colour(0xa, "red",0xff,0,0)
static final Colour ROSE = new Colour(0x2d, "rose",0xff,0x99,0xcc)
static final Colour SEA_GREEN = new Colour(0x39, "sea green",0x33,0x99,0x66)
static final Colour SKY_BLUE = new Colour(0x28, "sky blue",0,0xcc,0xff)
static final Colour TAN = new Colour(0x2f, "tan",0xff,0xcc,0x99)
static final Colour TEAL = new Colour(0x15, "teal",0,0x80,0x80)
static final Colour TEAL2 = new Colour(0x26, "teal",0x0,0x80,0x80)
static final Colour TURQOISE2 = new Colour(0x23, "turqoise",0x0,0xff,0xff)
static final Colour TURQUOISE = new Colour(0xf, "turquoise",0,0xff,0xff)
static final Colour UNKNOWN
static final Colour VERY_LIGHT_YELLOW = new Colour(0x2b, "very light yellow",0xff,0xff,0x99)
static final Colour VIOLET = new Colour(0x14, "violet",0x80,0x80,0)
static final Colour VIOLET2 = new Colour(0x24, "violet",0x80,0x0,0x80)
static final Colour WHITE
static final Colour YELLOW = new Colour(0xd, "yellow",0xff,0xff,0)
static final Colour YELLOW2 = new Colour(0x22, "yellow",0xff,0xff,0x0)

Protected Member Functions

 Colour (int val, String s, int r, int g, int b)

Private Attributes

RGB rgb
String string
int value

Static Private Attributes

static Colour[] colours = new Colour[0]

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