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jxl::format::BorderLineStyle Class Reference

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Detailed Description

The border line style

Definition at line 25 of file BorderLineStyle.java.

Public Member Functions

String getDescription ()
int getValue ()

Static Public Member Functions

static BorderLineStyle getStyle (int val)

Static Public Attributes

static final BorderLineStyle DASH_DOT = new BorderLineStyle(9, "dash dot")
static final BorderLineStyle DASH_DOT_DOT = new BorderLineStyle(0xb, "Dash dot dot")
static final BorderLineStyle DASHED = new BorderLineStyle(3, "dashed")
static final BorderLineStyle DOTTED = new BorderLineStyle(4, "dotted")
static final BorderLineStyle DOUBLE = new BorderLineStyle(6, "double")
static final BorderLineStyle HAIR = new BorderLineStyle(7, "hair")
static final BorderLineStyle MEDIUM = new BorderLineStyle(2, "medium")
static final BorderLineStyle MEDIUM_DASH_DOT = new BorderLineStyle(0xa, "medium dash dot")
static final BorderLineStyle MEDIUM_DASH_DOT_DOT = new BorderLineStyle(0xc, "Medium dash dot dot")
static final BorderLineStyle MEDIUM_DASHED = new BorderLineStyle(8, "medium dashed")
static final BorderLineStyle NONE = new BorderLineStyle(0, "none")
static final BorderLineStyle SLANTED_DASH_DOT = new BorderLineStyle(0xd, "Slanted dash dot")
static final BorderLineStyle THICK = new BorderLineStyle(5, "thick")
static final BorderLineStyle THIN = new BorderLineStyle(1, "thin")

Protected Member Functions

 BorderLineStyle (int val, String s)

Private Attributes

String string
int value

Static Private Attributes

static BorderLineStyle[] styles = new BorderLineStyle[0]

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