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jxl::demo::ReadWrite Class Reference

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Detailed Description

Demo class which uses the api to read in a spreadsheet and generate a clone of that spreadsheet which contains the same data. If the spreadsheet read in is the spreadsheet called jxlrwtest.xls (provided with the distribution) then this class will modify certain fields in the copy of that spreadsheet. This is illustrating that it is possible to read in a spreadsheet, modify a few values, and write it under a new name.

Definition at line 65 of file ReadWrite.java.

Public Member Functions

void readWrite () throws IOException, BiffException, WriteException
 ReadWrite (String input, String output)

Private Member Functions

void modify (WritableWorkbook w) throws WriteException

Private Attributes

File inputWorkbook
File outputWorkbook

Static Private Attributes

static Logger logger = Logger.getLogger(ReadWrite.class)

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