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jxl::common::Logger Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for jxl::common::Logger:

jxl::common::log::Log4JLogger jxl::common::log::SimpleLogger

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Detailed Description

Abstract wrapper class for the logging interface of choice. The methods declared here are the same as those for the log4j

Definition at line 28 of file Logger.java.

Public Member Functions

abstract void debug (Object message, Throwable t)
abstract void debug (Object message)
abstract void error (Object message, Throwable t)
abstract void error (Object message)
abstract void fatal (Object message, Throwable t)
abstract void fatal (Object message)
abstract void info (Object message, Throwable t)
abstract void info (Object message)
void setSuppressWarnings (boolean w)
abstract void warn (Object message, Throwable t)
abstract void warn (Object message)

Static Public Member Functions

static final Logger getLogger (Class cl)

Protected Member Functions

abstract Logger getLoggerImpl (Class cl)
 Logger ()

Static Private Member Functions

static synchronized void initializeLogger ()

Static Private Attributes

static Logger logger = null

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